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With the John Young website up and running I should have time to start updating these pages again. I've also invested in a Psion 5mx (palmtop) which should cut the need to decypher my handwriting and speed up reviews making it onto the site. All I need now is about a year to write up the last eighteen months or more of reviews and the site will be almost up to date!
Here you will find details of site updates, most recent at the top:
18 Nov 2002 - New: Just back from a cracking show at the Monsters of Rock in Brighton. I've done a short overview of the show with full reviews to follow later.
13 Nov 2002 - Update: Pallas pages have been to the Rock Reviews style. Latest two gigs attended added to 2002.
07 Nov 2002 - New: Whitchurch mini reviews of Sphere3, Henry Fool and Focus - all from 4 Aug 2002 plus logos added to the site front page.
06 Nov 2002 - New: Slightly more than 20 years since my first gig I present the closest I could find to an anniversary gig - Mountain at Bisley Pavilion 3 Nov 2002.
02 Nov 2002 - New: Mostly Autumn at Southampton Brook 30 Oct 2002 and the 2002 gig listing has been brought up to update.
30 Oct 2002 - News: Thanks to all you readers that helped reach the first 10,000 hits in the middle of this afternoon. Look out for more reviews and expanded coverage soon on Rock Reviews.
27 Oct 2002 - Updated: Ticket proces added for most 2001 and 2002 gigs.
20 Oct 2002 - New: Short review and pictures from The Nice 'Hang On to A Dream' book launch at Helter Skelter on 10 October 2002.
19 Oct 2002 - New: Dio review added to brief Oliver/Dawson Saxon Portsmouth 9 Oct 2002.
17 Oct 2002 - New: Short review of The Nice at London RFH 6 Oct 2002.
16 Oct 2002 - New: up to date news on The Nice including details of a book signing this Saturday. My pre tour news page is still here. 15 Oct 2002 - New: short review of Deep Purple at Bristol (18 Sep 2002) that I submitted to the CRS for their Rock Society magazine.
14 Oct 2002 - New: Brief Oliver/Dawson Saxon Portsmouth 9 Oct 2002 review plus a rather fuller Mostly Autumn Glasgow 11 Oct 2002 one care of our Scottish corespondent John Stout.
07 Oct 2002 - New The Nice at Newcastle now features photos from the London Festival Hall.
05 Oct 2002 - New The Nice at Newcastle 3 Oct 2002 by guest reviewer Les White.
26 Sep 2002 - New: The Urbane London ULU 20 Sep 2002 and index page. Updated: York ticket added to DP review.
23 Sep 2002 - Updated: New link on the Emerson page, Gig history pages from 1992 onwards updated especially 2002, and a new link.
11 Sep 2002 - New: Deep Purple York Barbican 8 Sep 2002.
03 Sep 2002 - Updated: Minor text change plus several new photos on the Whitchurch Sunday Afternoon overview.
02 Sep 2002 - New: Short Galahad Bournemouth 10 Aug 2002 review & Whitchurch Sunday Afternoon overview + Updated: 2002 gig guide brought up to date plus added comments and another fellow gig reviewer, David Meadows, added to the links page.
28 Aug 2002 - New: Saturday afternoon overview of the Whitchurch Festival with a few photos.
20 Aug 2002 - 2nd Update: New photos of The Nice and Dave Kilminster and details of a new Nice book all on the page detailing the Nice UK tour.
20 Aug 2002 - Update: Some exclusive information on the band and music involved in the Nice UK tour. You read it here first.
16 Aug 2002 - Update: Full telephone numbers added for the Nice UK tour in October. ELP links updated.
15 Aug 2002 - News: Good news if you've read my Emerson/Nice review - they're doing a short UK tour in October.
08 Aug 2002 - New: The Friday Whitchurch 2002 overview now complete. Saturday and Sunday to follow.
06 Aug 2002 - New: The first section of my Whitchurch 2002 overview is starting to take shape. More to follow.
05 Aug 2002 - New & update: I planned to have an overview of the first day at the Whitchurch Festival on the site tonight. Unfortunately while updating the links page with details of the bands from the weekend I realised that I'd not updated the John Wetton reviews to the new look. Well, they are now and as a bonus I've also added a new Wetton review from the Borderline on 9 Nov 2000. Whitchurch material to follow tomorrow hopefully.

29 Jun 2002 - Update: Filled out details of the first three bands on the Cumbria Rock 1991 bill.
28 Jun 2002 - New : link to recent promo photos added to the Keith Emerson/Nice review.
26 Jun 2002 - Updated: Several rare new images and minor text corrections to Garth Rockett Dundee 24 May 1989, 1989.

24 Jun 2002 - New: Something from my dim and distant past, Garth Rockett and the Moonshiners Dundee 24 May 1989. Updated: more notes added to 1982-4, 1985, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1992.
20 Jun 2002 - New links: 1994(Little Egypt), .
15 Jun 2002 - Updated: Some more notes added to 1985, 1991, 1997.
10 Jun 2002 - Updated: Ticket prices added to 1982-4, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000.
05 Jun 2002 - Updated: John Young review pages now conform to the Rock Reviews style.
04 Jun 2002 - New: John Young Bentworth 3 June 2002 review.
02 Jun 2002 - New: Index pages for the Whitchurch Festival - 1993, 1999, 2000 & 2001 plus new links (interviews & photos) added to the Keith Emerson/Nice review.
23 May 2002 - New: Some support bands I'd forgotten about and links to reviews by someone else that has a site like this, Phil Teague.
21 May 2002 - New: Blue Öyster Cult index page and Milton Keynes 14 May review.
15 May 2002 - Updated: More comments added to my gigging history pages. Start here.
09 May 2002 - Updated: Link to a Davy O'List site added to the Emerson/Nice review.
24 Apr 2002 - Updated: Galahad Bournemouth 2 Dec 2000 now has photos and the new site design plus an index page. Links page updated.
21 Apr 2002 - Added: All twenty years of gigs I've been to. Some from the last three or four years have brief comments, most before that don't.
15 Apr 2002 - Finished: Keith Emerson previewing material from 'Emerson Plays Emerson' and a reunion of The Nice - London 9 April 2002
10 Apr 2002 - Added: Review (not quite complete) of Keith Emerson previewing material from 'Emerson Plays Emerson' and a reunion of The Nice - London 9 April 2002.
07 Apr 2002 - Added: First Jump review of the year (well part of it) Aylesbury 23 Mar 2002 plus the an updated Jump index page.
22 Mar 2002 - Added: Tour overview of the 2002 Deep Purple UK tour.
10 Mar 2002 - Added Magnum Portsmouth (sort of) 3 Mar 2002, Updated Magnum Newport 2 Mar 2002 (text & pics), my gig history 2000, 2001, added: 2002.
04 Mar 2002 - Added an index page for Magnum (and Hard Rain/Bob Catley)listing the shows I've seen plus ticket scans added to Newport TJ's, 2 March 2002.
03 Mar 2002 - An exclusive, and probably the first on the web or anywhere, review of the first Magnum gig in over seven years - Newport TJ's, 2 March 2002.
27 Feb 2002 - Not a new review but a new index page for a batch of forthcoming ones - Deep Purple - plus some pictures from my 50th DP show in Oxford.
13 Feb 2002 - The Psion is back and the first review I've extracted from it is from last year - John Young, Stourbridge 7 Jul 2001.
04 Feb 2002 - Plans for Pallas and The Urbane reviews have been delayed due to my Psion being in for repair and a lot of behind the scenes work for the JY site. However, I have a feature I wrote for the CRS magazine late last year based aroung a two week tour I handled merchandise for. The article covers the work I did plus a review of the first show of that tour, Jackie Leven - 19 Oct 2001 Bremen Lagerhaus. Have a read and remember that buying merchandise at a gig can make the difference between the band breaking even and making a profit. Many bands you would not expect actually only make money from a gig by merchandise sales.
17 Jan 2002 - A few Qango pages have now been converted to the new site style and I've taken the chance to finally add more photos to the appropriate shows (Rotherham and Liverpool).
16 Jan 2002 - I've added a front page for my Mostly Autumn review and discovered I've seen more MA gigs than I remembered. I'd better dig out some of my old notes and add another review or two sometime.
15 Jan 2002 - A proper update and a current gig despite my Psion dying. What a surprise. Mostly Autumn (Karnataka to follow in a few days) from The Mean Fiddler last Saturday.
11 Jan 2002 - Two updates in as many days. Worrying, isn't it. No need to fear, this is just a litle update I've been meaning to do for months, adding a link to MP3.com so you can hear Middleftout. Oh, and I've begun rebranding the site as you can probably see from this page. More reviews to follow soon.
9 Jan 2002 - A new year and time I added some updates to the site. I have one or two reviews almost ready to go so check back in a week or so for at least one addition.

If you have any comments about this page then please contact me.

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