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Welcome to my links page.
Some of the pages dedicated to individual bands will have links to other sites of interest within them.  This page will contain those plus more general sites of interest: gig guides, venues etc.  If you think you have a site I should list then please contact me.

iq451 ALICE COOPER- directory of Alice Cooper sitesWhitchurch Festival compare
Official Keith BELL website - Whitchurch Festival compare
Shaun Baxter - guitarist in Carl Palmer's new band
The official BOC site.
BOC FAQman. Home of the BOC FAQ not surprisingly.
The COMPANY of SNAKES, Mickey Moody and Bernie Marsden
Bernie Marsden has his own site now (including some of my photos).
To catch up on the latest news and tour dates for the Company of Snakes try The Snakes Pages.

Classic Rock Society  :  http://classicrocksociety.com/crs.htm
The Highway Star
- exhaustive DP site. See if you can find my little input.

Deep Purple Appreciation Society - my first detailed source of DP info other than the Illlustrated Biography.
The Deep Purple Web Index maintained by Brian Currin. With this link I need no more for DP here.

The Dogs D'Amour .com official site.
The Dynamite Jet Saloon - this may be an inauthorised site but it contains far more information than the official one.
The official Francis DUNNERY website. Not quite the artist I expected at the Whitchurch Festival.
Official Keith Emerson Website http://www.keithemerson.com.
Official Greg Lake Website http://www.greglake.com.
Official Carl PalmerWebsite http://www.carlpalmer.com.
ELP DISC - web version of the talkative yahoo discussion group and associated website.
ELP Digest - website of the roughly monthly email digest
Fellow ELP-DISCer Bjørn Are Davidsen maintains a news page on all things ELP (and others) http://home.online.no/~b-a-davi/.cfm
Unofficial german Carl Palmer fan site with some good recent photos http://www.carlpalmer-fansite.de/.
Emerson with The NICE

Find out more about the original Nice guitarist Davy O'List here: http://home.ix.netcom.com/~dfirmin/olist.html.
ELP and The Nice album reviews can be found here.
Reviews of the Nice and some ELP albums at Obscurity! .
Find out about The Nice at the BAth Blues Festival here.
You can read reviews of the Nice and ELP albums at http://www.warr.org/nice.html. .

FISH (see also Marillion)
The Perception of Fish Official site
- buy all your Fish merchandise here and keep the big man happy.
Fellini Days - the website of the album that features John Young.
The Company Belgium - in English and the usual tour lists, photos etc. Worth a look.
The Company Germany - plenty of ticket stubs and other pictures to peruse unless you read German.
Torchsong.com The Company USA which has html versions of the first 11 Company Scotland magazines online.
FishFreaks.com - discography and lyrics for Fish and Marillion albums among other prog acts.

Fish Webring - links to other Fish sites.

Official site
(launched Mar 2002)
In and Out of Focus - The Music of Jan Akkerman and Focus - the book The website of the SAF book with a good short bio
Tribute website
recently relaunched at http://www.galahadonline.com/.

GUN Find out how long it is since GUN's last known gig at http://www.gunrgallus.fsnet.co.uk/
Official HAZE / World TURTLE / Von DANIKEN website
Official HENRY FOOL website
Phil HILBORNE, Part of the Nice refirmation at the 100 Club - http://www.philhilborne.com/
JUMP website of another localish band that Tracy and I enjoy.
Dave KILMINSTER a new official site for the ace guitarslinger site.

Guy MANNING supported tells you about his brand of Progerssive rock here.
MARILLION official site
MOSTLY AUTUMN official site
Official ONE IOTA website
The  official Pallas site - a band from my home town of Aberdeen - back in the gigging business again.

For a review of the Zwolle 26/9/1998 gig by A. Russo :  www.dprp.vuurwerk.nl/concrev/pallas.htm
For another Aberdonians view try Mark Kennedy:  http://www.itsilzha.demon.co.uk/pallas.htm
Official site
of Spike and the boys.
The Quireboys' Home Page - an Italian site with a decent discography.
She Didn't Like Rock'n'Roll features some interesting bands and plots the intertwined history of the Dog's D'Amour and the Quireboys.
A bit of what you fancy - another fansite.

official site of this jazzy prog with loads of time changes who plaed the Whitchurch Festival in 2001 & 2002
Official TREEBEARD website
UFO/Michael Schenker Web Pages by Dave Wood - on the Web since January 1995
Official The URBANE website - John Mitchell's band and his Outhouse studio.

The John WETTON official website, Chasing the Dragon.
A comprehensive list of John Wetton tour dates at the Dragons Lair.
Unofficial site by Caroline Mockett but with plenty of detail and photos:
The stunning official website
Carl PALMER on the Vincent CRANE Site
A nice site covering the various members of Atomic Rooster, Carl being one of the originals
Jeannie Crane Home Page:

David Meadows provides a similar site to this with different memories of some of the same gigs.

Silhobbit provides some well needed humour in the prog world (even if they can be naughty boys sometimes).
The Hairless Heart Herald provides reviews of gigs, CD/DVDs and more (and have some of my photos to illustrate them).


If you have any comments about this page then please contact me.

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