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Ticket for the 1993 festival, headlined by Galahad.This was the first Whitchurch Festival I actually made it along to. Galahad and Pallas headlined shows on the 16 and 17 (respectively) July 1993.  From what I gather there was another Festival the following year then a break before they began again in 1997.

Initially the festival was organised by the landlord of a local pub, The Red House Inn, and that is where I found out about it.  While down on a three week course a local friend took me to the pub as it was "a good rock pub" for a drink, and also to find out more about the festival. 

My interest was piqued with mention of Pallas but, alas, I was due in Glasgow the day they played. I did manage to get along to the Friday night show before the long, overnight, drive North. Despite a very hot village hall I enjoyed the music - I'd not heard any of the bands previously (apart from a 4 track Friday Rock Session by Galahad) and came away with a smile on my face.

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