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The Festival was previously called "Musicians Convention" (see the 1993 page) but has now become a "Music Festival".

This was the second year I made it along to Whitchurch for the Festival.  Having moved down to Farnborough a couple of years previously I'd heard nothing about it and assumed 1993 was a one off. In fact, having discovered the local music scene earlier in the year, a few months before hand I'd driven up to the village of Whitchurch to see if the festival still happened. There was no information in obvious view (posters etc.) and, as it was a Sunday afternoon the Red House Inn was firmly shut. I forget exactly where I found out about it but it involved the internet, either a seach engine or a links page. Either way I made it along for all three evenings and the Sunday afternoon acoustic session.


The bill ran like this - headliner at the bottom of the list (click on a band for a review):

Saturday 7 August 1999 (Afternoon)
GALAHAD (New Horizons)
JANISON EDGE (New Horizons)

Sunday 8 August 1999 (Afternoon)

John YOUNG (and on the JY site) (New Horizons)

Friday 6 August 1999 (Evening)
GRACE (New Horizons)
MARTIN ORFORD (New Horizons)

Saturday 7 August 1999 (Evening)
HAZE  (read the bands eye view)
IQ (New Horizons)

Sunday 8 August 1999 (Evening)
Keith BELL

For another view of proceedings check out what Simon and Marisa wrote for New Horizons.

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