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With the John Young website up and running I should have time to start updating these pages again. I've also invested in a Psion 5mx (palmtop) which should cut the need to decypher my handwriting and speed up reviews making it onto the site. All I need now is about a year to write up the last eighteen months or more of reviews and the site will be almost up to date!
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Here you will find details of site updates, most recent at the top:

15 Oct 2001 - The Fish pages have had their links updated and a short review added form 30 Oct 2000.
14 Oct 2001
The site is almost complete on this new server. I've added some photos to the Pallas Rotherham review and will work on updating the look of the site when I return from Germany next month.
24 Sep 2001 - For the second time in eight months the site has been lost from the Crosswinds server. This time it is a mixture of failed RAID hard drives and a dodgy UPS power supply. As the hardware is just a couple of blocks from the now collapsed World Trade Center I guess this is no surprise. Maybe I should sell some of my old never played CDs to finance a proper web presence for the site. Anyway, I'll start uploading again tonight but it may take a few days to complete and check everything is working again (as I don't have ftp access - only a user unfriendly Crosswinds web based version). If you spot any missing links please email me the details. Thanks, Doug.
3 Sep 2001
- The Jump Whitchurch review and the Whitchurch Festival index pages have the ticket and a correction added. Some added information from the 1999 fringe Programmeand the spelling of Ani DiFranco corrected on the Jackie Leven Celtic Connections radio show and index pages .

Thu 16 Aug 2001 - A new set of pages based around an interesting Scottish performer, Jackie Leven. The initial review is mor a transcript of a radio session that attracted my attention to Jackie in the first place. I'm off to the Edinburgh Fringe to catch another couple of shows so expect a review in a couple of weeks.
Tue 14 Aug 2001
- A front page for the various Whitchurch Festivals I have been to.
Fri 10 Aug 2001
- A full review with plenty of pictures of Jump at the Whitchurch Festival last Sunday evening. I hope to have a few more reviews from the weekend in a week or two
Sun 29 Jul 2001 - Nothing new to report on the finished reviews front so I've decided to add a set of pages listing all the shows I've been to. A basic version of this was available a year ago but I deleted it soon after. This time I intend adding a few notes about each (or most) gig(s) to the list. You can see what I've done so far with 2000 here. If you would like me to continue the series let me know.
Sat 07 Jul 2001 - Another cheat. I originally submitted this Galahad Bournemouth 2 Dec 2000 review to the CRS. It was published in word alone but here I can add some photos (at a later date). Another CRS submission, though not published, is John Wetton London Borderline 9 Nov 2000.
Mon 02 Jul 2001 - A bit of a cheat this JUMP review from Reading 3 Mar 2001. It is really just a short post about the show that I wrote to the Jump yahoo group. I will write the review up properly one day.
Fri 29 Jun 2001 - Finally, a new review. Greenslade at Crewe - 7 Feb 2001. This is an expanded version with different photos to the one on the JY site.
Tue 26 Jun 2001
- I've added a guestbook (see above) so you can leave some feedback on my reviews.

Mon 11 Jun 2001 - I've been a little lax in updates (moving house etc) but Tracy has saved the day and written a review for me. It is a bit of a departure for a gig review site but so be it.  A demo review of a Reading band called MiDDleftout. Normal service will resume soon hopefully.
Mon 23 Apr 2001 - a new gig (well, CD in some ways) review: Fish : Haddington 3 Nov 1991.
Thu 12 Apr 2001 - at last, the final piece of the original site is restored: John Young pages.
Wed 11 Apr 2001 - another new review: Jump - Reading Beethovens 04 Mar 2000.
Mon 09 Apr 2001 - Finally, a new review: Jump - Milton Keynes 24 Mar 2001.
Thu 05 Apr 2001 - A longer break between updates than I intended. Qango, T'Pau and Wolfstone pages are now back online. I've also added the first in a set of Fish pages.
Thu 01 Feb 2001 - The start of the new millinium and hopefully the start of me managing to keep up with reviews of at least some of the gigs I get to.  For some reason the site was deleted earlier this year so I've taken the opportunity to change all the pages to proportional width rather than 770 pixels wide. They should now fit in any screen or browser window (though some of the pictures may cause some problems in certain browsers)  without you having to scroll from side to side. It also means that, should I decide to go down the 'frames' route I won't have to adapt every page to fit.
Mon 02 Oct 2000 - REVIEWS ADDED: T'pau @ Reading 9 Feb 2000, 
PIX ADDED: Jump London 27 Sep 2000, Wolfstone Inverness 9 Sep 2000


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