Live in the Hood - the only official recording of the band.

These pages contain details of all twelve Qango UK shows.

In case you have no idea who QANGO are perhaps I should explain:
John Wetton(acoustic guitar, bass, bass pedals and lead vocals)

Carl Palmer (drums & percussion)

Dave Kilminster (acoustic and electric guitar & harmony vocals)

John Young (keyboards & harmony vocals).

QANGO (the gang of four): Kilminster, Palmer, Wetton & YoungJohn Wetton began recording with Mogul Thrash, moving through, Family, King Crimson, Roxy Music, Uriah Heep, UK and onto worldwide stardom in Asia.  He has since begun a solo career.
Carl Palmer was one third of Emerson, Lake and Palmer (guess which part!)

Dave Kilminster and John Young have both played in the John Wetton band, Dave Kilminster for the last 3 years, John Young at around the time of Wetton's Arkangel album (he co-wrote half the album with Wetton as well as one track on the previous Wetton release, Battle Lines). Since then JY has written a solo CD (Life Underground) and tours as a solo performer

Initially, only two shows were announced, they were due to take place in November 1999. They were postponed due to John Wetton requiring a wrist operation. Dates for the initial shows were:
Thu 18 Nov 1999 The Robin Hood, Brierley Hill
Fri 19 Nov 1999 The Astoria, London (note the change of hall below)

Carl Palmer having accepted a CRS awardDuring the intervening period, three other shows were added. Kieran Twist was originally announced as the keyboard player but a few weeks before the rescheduled dates John Young was asked to take his place. The debut UK tour ran like this (linked to my reviews):
Wed 02 Feb 2000 The Dome, Whitley Bay, nr. Newcastle
Thu 03 Feb 2000 The Robin Hood, Brierley Hill £12.50
Fri 04 Feb 2000 The Astoria 2, London £9.50 (with a special guest)
Sat 05 Feb 2000 The Brook, Southampton
Sun 06 Feb 2000 The Stables, Milton Keynes

The Robin Hood show was recorded for a potential CD release. This disc is now mixed and was on sale at dates on the second UK tour:

Wed 26 Apr 2000 Liscombe Park 
Thu 27 Apr 2000 The Robin 2, Bilston 
Fri 28 Apr 2000 The Rec, Bridgend, Wales 
Sat 29 Apr 2000 Herringthorpe Leisure Centre, Rotherham (C.R.S. gig) 
Sun 30 Apr 2000 The Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool 
Mon 01 May 2000 The Ashcroft Theatre, Croydon 
Tue 02 May 2000 The Brook, Southampton 

Kilminster and Wetton enjoying each others companyLiscombe Park and Bridgend still require a full review (I exhausted my imagination for ways to differ the way I describe the shows at the time) and I must dig the notes out and finish them. I still have more photos to scan and add to the pagesthe first batch of which are being used in this first update of 2002.

I should point out that the logo I've used on these pages is the one used on the CD sleeve. The one used on the T-shirts is just plain text and pretty boring (in my opinion - and judging by the minimal number of sales at shows my opinion was shared by the vast majority of punters!). 

The audience reaction was good, attendance's seeming higher than for a Wetton solo tour, but the future of the band was in the hands of the Gods (or American tour promoters).  To paraphrase Carl Palmer after the Milton Keynes show:
John Young harmonising with Wetton"The House of Blues (an American chain of venues owned by Dan Akroyd) want us to play but there's not enough dates to make  it viable. We're waiting to confirm other shows."

As of May 2000 the future of the band was still uncertain, the American dates looking unlikely at the moment though a couple of Italian dates are pencilled in over the summer. No record deal has been signed as yet. Hope remains high though.

The official news on QANGO and John Wetton's solo projects can be found at CHASING THE DRAGON.

What was the official ASIA reunion pages (and linked to Carl Palmer's ELP site) have some details on QANGO and some pictures taken by yours truly on them now.

March 2001: Well, hope is all we had.  John Wetton returned to solo work, Carl Palmer is now doing drum clinics and promises a three piece band doing ELP covers (not very original really) but with a guitarist instead of keyboards. He also has an anthology CD due for release over the next couple of months. For the forseeable future (if ever) it looks as if further Qango activity is unlikley.
John Young has forged ahead and joined both Fish and Greenslade and has recently announced that, in addition to those two, he is forming his own band, Oblivious.  For more information check out his new website:


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