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John YOUNG  <8>

Salisbury The Famous Old Ale House 
free First gig of the year and a new venue. The last time JY played here there was a decent sized, appreciative, audience. Tonight it was Tracy and I, a few young girlies and a couple of older blokes that made their presence known towards the end of the show.
QANGO  <1> [alt: JY site tour overview] Newcastle Dome
£ A long trip to the start of what turned out to be a short-lived live project from 3/4 of what was almost the reformed Asia.
QANGO  <2> Birmingham Robin Hood  1
£ Second night and a brave move was made to record the show for posterity. Now available as 'Live in the Hood'. See if you recognise the photos...
QANGO  <3> London Astoria 2
£ A special guest popped on for Fanfare for the Common Man - Keith Emerson. Pity he didn't know I was almost out of film by then. :o( Possibly the best of the first batch of dates - not that Classic Rock mag agreed.
QANGO  <4> Southampton, The Brook
£ The closest to a 'home town' show for John and, as such, there were a number of familiar faces from solo shows in the crowd.
QANGO  <5> Milton Keynes Stables, Wavendon
£15.50, £18.50 This was the original Stables, a long thin venue that provided a close view of the band. Problems with the Wetton bass stack provided a mid show break and a slight rearranging of the set. By the time I returned to see Greenslade later in the year the new hall was finished.
John YOUNG  <9> Gosport Olivers 
free A bit of a return to the real world for John - and a less appreciative audience than for Qango.
John YOUNG  <10> Chippenham, The George Inn 
free We missed the first set because we couldn't find the venue. Make sure you check your details before leaving home!
John YOUNG  <11> Bentworth The Star
free A return to the friendly Star Inn - a special venue for John and his fans.
JUMP <8> Beethovens, Oxford Road, Tilehurst, Reading
£2 after 8pm  First show of the year/tour and the first time the new album 'Matthew' went on sale.
John YOUNG  <12> Southampton Talking Heads, 
£3 Just down the road from The Brook and normally home to Irish folk bands. Not the best of venues for John you may think but it does provide a separate music room to keep those folk uninterested in the music away.
JUMP <9> Railway Inn, Hungerford 
free A return to this less-than-perfect venue but, as it is spring, the problem with punters walking continuously between band and audience does not recur to spoil the evening.
JUMP <10> Millennium Hall, Lacey Green
£ A return to the home village of Mr Jones and thankfully there is no snow about.
COMPANY OF SNAKES  <4> Chiddingfold, Chiddingfold Hall 
£10 A stonking two and a quarter hour set from an on-form band. One you should have been at.
JUMP <11> The Wheatsheaf, Leighton Buzzard 
free Our first trip here en-route to a holiday in Scotland. We arrived a little late but caught most of the show.
Bob CATLEY <1>
Monroes, Workington
£8 First time seeing Bob solo. His support act became his backing band. The solo material was a little ponderous in places but things picked up for the Magnum numbers towards the end of the set. 
WOLFSTONE Inverness Eden Court 
£10.50 (CANCELLED) The keyboard player died a couple of days before the show.
WOLFSTONE Keeper Lit: Scrumbles Function Hall, 
£10 (CANCELLED) Wish we'd known as these shows were the main reason we travelled North.
JUMP <12> Beethovens, Oxford Road, Tilehurst, Reading
£2 after 8pm Another regular trip to Beethovens to see our favourite band. 
QANGO <6> [alt: JY site tour overview] Liscombe Park, Soulbury 
£? A  dress rehearsal for the tour
QANGO <7> Bilston The Robin 2 
£ The 'other' Robin, smaller and better set out.
QANGO <8> Bridgend The Rec
£ A gig in the Sports Centre but it drew a reasonable crowd and somebody mistook me for someone he knew years before..
QANGO <9> Rotherham HLC (C.R.S. gig) (CRS review)
£ A show celebrating the 100th issue of the CRS magazine.
QANGO <10> Liverpool The Royal Court Theatre
£ Wetton had a cold and his voice really suffered though most of the audience accepted that these things happen. The bonus was that JY had his only chance to sing Last One Home at a Qango show.
QANGO <11> Croydon The Ashcroft Theatre

this was the only proper theatre show the band played. Nice comfy seats plus decent sound and lights.

QANGO <12> Southampton, The Brook
£ Final Qango show and not as busy as their first visit but it was a mid week show.
DIO <> London Forum
£14.50 advance First time I'd seen the 'wee man' in a few years but a great show despite most of the latest album, which I'd not heard, being played in one chunk.
JUMP <13>
Matthew <1>
Zaks, Milton Keynes
£ We were goaded out of the 'royal box' to stand in front of a barrel. The things we do for this band.
John WETTON & Martin ORFORD  <1>
London  L.A.2,
£ A surprise support and a busy Martin Orford.
London Cambridge Theatre
£17.50 I only decided to go on the day of the show, mainly as Mostly Autumn had been added as a last minute support act. Mr Blackmore decided to get the bands in the mood by bussing them all to the Tower of London. He reckoned without London traffic and, even though they failed to reach the Tower, the show was late in starting, eventually finishing just before midnight.
JUMP  <14>
Half Moon, Putney
£6 The first London headline gig Jump had played in years. I was rather distracted during the show as, while driving into London, a woman had rear-ended my car. Thankfully it was still driveable.
John YOUNG  <13> The Star, Bentworth 
free .
JUMP <15>
Matthew <2>
Reading  Beethovens
£2 .

STRAY  <1>

Southampton, The Brook
£ Only just over 75 minutes of Mountain but openers Stray proved themselves with a thunderous support slot.
COMPANY of SNAKES (inc. Lord/Paice)   <51>
John ENTWISTLE   <1>
and others

Tony Ashton Testimonial Concert : 
London Abbey Road studio's

(other pics here, and even more)

Tony Ashton site, Zak Starkey site, Luke's Who site



(limited to 300 tickets)

I guess you may be asking just who the heck are PAL? Well, They are half of what would become Whitesnake and the result of Deep Purple splitting in 1976. Needless to say you should check out the superlative 'Malice in Wonderland' (Rolling Stone review) album. This was my once in a lifetime chance to see PAL live. The show was to raise funds to pay for hospital bills run up by Tony in his fight against cancer. Since then (Monday May 28th 2001) he has unfortunately lost the fight. :o(
There was a long wait for the 'main event' but the reformation of 5/6 of the 'classic' Whitesnake line-up helped buoy spirits after a lot of tedious R&B. If only Moody/Marsden & Coverdale could have settled their differences for one night...
London Hammersmith Apollo

Six nights later and a return to the stage used to record part of the classic 'Live in the Hearts of the City' snake album...
I was less impressed with the main act - possibly as the oldies they played were not, in the main, ones I was familiar with. The rest of the hall seemed more impressed so perhaps it was just me. The merchandise was way overpriced - a mid price compilation CD selling for £15 if memory serves. At the time it was unreleased - but only for a couple of weeks. Nice way to treat your fans - bleed them dry with any old rubbish.

John YOUNG  <14> Salisbury Cloisters
£ .
JUMP   <16>
Horses Head Soup V Festival,
Millennium Hall, Lacey Green
£ Jump once again doing their bit to promote other bands. Although we missed part of the acoustic Karnataka set it was obvious, even in the cut down version, that they have some good songs. I finally saw the almost complete Mostly Autumn line-up too.
John YOUNG   <15> Swallow, Andover
free .
John YOUNG  <16> Bentworth, The Star
free .
John YOUNG  <17> The Boot, Bracknell
free .
John YOUNG  <18> Talking Heads, Southampton
free .


Whitchurch Festival
£ Back for another year at the Whitchurch festival. One year previously I'd discovered some great music so hopes were high for this weekend. The Friday featured a completely new set of bands to the previous year, Martin Orford previewing his new album on the first night. Mostly Autumn sounded good through a decent PA though Celtus were a little too samey to inspire me too much.
Whitchurch Festival (afternoon session)
free A free afternoon session in the smaller hall to allow the locals in on the event. The bill changed a little as Landmarq were minus a guitarist at their due-on time. The Morrigan stepped in to an earlier slot and impressed with almost all the band changing instruments between each song. Eat your hearts out Spock's Beard! Gnidrolog were worth missing half of Haze for - powerful rock from a band who reformed for the previous years festival.

IQ  <2>
HAZE  <2>

Whitchurch Festival
£ Due to Gnidrolog overrunning we missed half of the Haze set. As we walked in I was expecting great things after the previous year but the show seemed to be a rerun of last years show, including the guitarist-walks-in-audience spot. Disappointing. Even more disappointing were the Cardiacs. With more time changes than most of the bands on show I guess they were sort-of progressive but the music did absolutely nothing for me. A good half the audience obviously felt the same as they adjourned to the car park for the duration. A swapping of fans for the headline act, IQ, but they were under rehearsed and again less impressive than the previous year..
ARENA Unplugged   <2> Whitchurch Festival (afternoon session)
free Another under-rehearsed act and the acoustic setting didn't really favour some of the material, Rob Sowden looking nervous throughout.
Tony McPhee's GROUNDHOGS  <3>
John YOUNG  <19>
Whitchurch Festival
£ JY was the only act I was really looking forward to on the Sunday evening - had he not been on the bill I doubt we'd have hung around for the others. The show is available from the JY site in handheld video format if you are interested. Gravity are a local band who played modernish rock stuff while the Groundhogs are a heavy blues band and fairly impressive. The biggest surprise had to be Mungo Jerry - a band I thought would bore me. The good-time party atmosphere seemed to draw most of the audience into dancing or at least swaying to the music. It just shows you should never dismiss a band before experiencing them 'in the flesh'.
MOSTLY AUTUMN <4> York La Plaza, De Grey Rooms
free A long trip to York for a slightly disappointing show - 3 covers in 90 mins - in an echoey hall.
John YOUNG  <20> Reading Beethoven's
free .
FRAGILE  <1> Reading Beethovens
free .
Jackie LEVEN, Andy White & Michael Weston King <1>

Southampton The Brook
'Englishman, Irishman, Scotsman tour'

£ .
JUMP  <17> Swindon The Queen's Tap
free .
ARENA  <3>
JUMP  <18>
London Astoria 2
£ .
John YOUNG  <21> Bentworth The Star
free .
JUMP  <19> Stokenchurch Memorial Hall, Bucks
£ .
Rotherham Oakwood Centre Dining Hall (afternoon session)
£ A bit of a hike this show but I was interested to see Po90 and Jump on the stage I first encountered them. We missed the first act due to traffic problems on the M1 but caught the couple of tracks Andy played solo and the rather more basic rock set by Deadline. Before heading off for a bit of shopping we helped Jump unload their gear and I was mistaken for somebody important by Gary Chandler, nice bloke that he is.
JUMP  <20>
Rotherham Oakwood Centre
£ Back from shopping and the main show was opened by some retro keyboard heavy material from Po90 Degrees which I enjoyed. I am used to the odd comment from Mr Jones at Jump shows but I was rather taken aback when he asked the audience to "tw@t me" for taking notes on my Psion. Jump almost had an unfavourable review for that comment but I held back. Jadis played their usual mellow but slightly rocking set of not-quite prog tunes. I enjoy them more each time I experience them live.
JUMP <21> Leighton Buzzard Wheatsheaf
£ A more enjoyable, and longer, Jump set and this time it was the potman who gave me a slagging!
London Astoria 2
£ Mostly Autumn arrived after we did! Instead of a full band show we were lucky to get a 30 min acoustic performance. They don't seem to have much luck in London shows. Jadis played a similar set to the previous week.
JUMP <22> Newbury, King Charles Tavern
free A tiny venue, almost like having the band play in your front room. The pub must normally host blues bands as there were plenty of calls for blues standards throughout the set. I did make for some entertaining banter between John and the crowd though. I really must finish writing this one up as it was a great, fun, show.
John YOUNG  <22> The Swallow, Andover
free .
John YOUNG  <23>
The Astoria 2
£ We only really went for JY - and saw the last 5 mins due to traffic congestion. I'm not a Genesis fan so, no matter how good ReGenesis were, I'd have nothing worth saying about them.
SPOCK'S BEARD <> LA2, London
£ .
FISH [alt: JY site] <20> London Charlie Browns, Wood Green
£ A convention show and JYs introduction to the world of rabid Fish fans. Poor guy.
FISH [alt: JY site] <21> London Charlie Browns, Wood Green
£ Open to the public but with the downpours the previous evening causing much of SE England to be flooded the hall was only 1/4 full. The Raingod returned.
John WETTON <2> London Borderline
£ A meeting of world-wide fans almost. £ American ladies had flown over for the JY con a few days later and Mr Wetton had decided to slip a one-off show in. Good man. A little short perhaps, just under 80 mins, but good stuff and with new guitarist John Mitchell.
JUMP <23> Reading, Tilehurst Beethoven's
free Last Reading gig of the year.
John YOUNG convention [alt. view: JY site]   <24> The Star, Bentworth
free An enjoyable day with people travelling a lot further than I did to be there.
London Astoria 2
£ A twisted ankle on Tracy care of a wet floor at an underground station forced me to miss the show and take Tracy to the nearest hospital. Oh, it was my fault as well - despite me being 30 miles away when it happened! I did see one and a bit songs by the support act though.
JUMP  <24> Stokenchurch Memorial Hall, Bucks
£ Tracy was still recovering so she missed this show. It was a trip through 10 years of Jump history with a between song history lesson care of John.
MOLLY HATCHET  <1> London Astoria 2
£ A band I've loved since hearing the 'No guts... No Glory' album in the early 80s. This was their first visit to the UK since 1979 and I was not about to miss it. None of the original band are still present but the music still stands tall though why they only played for 75 minutes I have no idea.
GREENSLADE [alt: JY site]   <1> Wavendon Stables, (Milton Keynes)
£ I must admit to being dubious in going to the show. I only decided at 6.30 to go along and missed part of the first set. The sound was clear but quiet and it was not until the London show a couple of days later that I began to become converted to the older material.
GREENSLADE [alt: JY site]   <2> London Astoria 2
£ Standing, louder PA, more enthusiastic audience - these all helped make this show more enjoyable. The band seemed a little more confident too on what was only their third show. The two sets of the previous shows were compacted into one for the remaining shows.
GALAHAD  <3> Bournemouth Mr Smiths
£ Back to Bournemouth for another Galahad show. On release for the first time was 'Crimes and Misdemeanours III' which contained the first 3 tracks I ever heard by the band - the BBC FRS session. A must have item. The show featured roughly half of what is destined to become the next Galahad CD as well as classics from previous albums.
The MORRIGAN  <2> Southampton Talking Heads
£ A rough and ready performance but still enjoyable.
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