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The idea is to have a page for each concert eventually - when I find time to trawl trough the archives.
If anyone reading this was at any of these concerts and would like to jog my memory then feel free to contact me.

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Star Trek - GENERATIONS  <1> London, Leicester Square Empire
£ Not a gig but almost as expensive in Leicester Square. Captain Kirk bites the dust and a childhood hero is no more.
GREASE The Musical  <1> London Dominion Theatre
£ Again not a gig and I'm certainly not a fan of the film but the stage version was quite fun.
SKIN  <3>
Edinburgh Playhouse
£11.00 'Behind Closed Doors' tour.
GUN  <2>
Mike PETERs  <1>
Aviemore "High T Festival"
Free gig in a car park to promote the 'T in the Park Festival'
free A mini-festival in a carpark at the top of the highlands adverising one a few weeks later in Glasgow. Strange. Gun were still average but Mike Peters (ex-The alarm) impressed.
DEL AMITRI  <1> Aberdeen Capitol
£12.00 Not bad for a pop band. I loved the show - especially when they playes Motorhead's Ace of Spades but was disappointed when they didn't play my favourite track.
PAGE & PLANT   <1>
Glasgow S.E.C.C.
£22.50 A rather disappointing show - my camera being taken off me as we entered. Not Zep enough for my taste I'm afraid, not that it was billed as such. The Black Crowes just bored the pants off me with too much jamming and too little in the way of decent songs.
FISH  <18>
The Sensational Alex HARVEY Band  <6>
Sam BROWN  <1>
"The Big Issue"
Edinburgh Ross Theatre 
Princess Street Gardens
£12.00 The day promised to be fun but the torrential rain put pay to that - and my camera. I did manage to have the photos developed but the camera had to have its electronics replaced.
(SAHB had Billy Rankin on vocals)
JETHRO TULL  <12> Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
£15.00 The band are getting on a bit now and so the set was split into two halves. This was the Roots to Branches tour and I'm still not a fan of the album.
1st set: 65 minutes, 2nd set 77mins
Maggie BELL with the 
Sensational Alex HARVEY Band  <1/7>
Aberdeen Black Bull Inn
£ A bar in a tent in a park next to the railway line for a week long festival. Not the best of venues but an enjoyable night none the less.
The GIN GOBLINS  <1> Banff Uncle Sams’
£ A return to the town I spent my early school years in. A local hotel just round the corner from my old primary school was the venue and the band were rather heavier than my normal fare but not too bad.
Ritchie BLACKMORE’S RAINBOW  <1> London Labatts Apollo, Hammersmith
£16.50 Too many German drinking songs and thoughts of 'it would have been great if Ronnie was singing' spoilt the night. A long set though and many rate it as one of the classic Blackmore performances..
Ritchie BLACKMORE’S RAINBOW  <2> London Labatts Apollo, Hammersmith
£16.50 Shorter set and less drinking songs. A seat a few rows from the stage helped too - but still a less than perfect show.
The MAXIMUM WHO  <1> Aberdeen Lemon Tree
£6.00 Splitting the set into 3 eras and changing costumes to suit the provided a great show and cross section of songs. The drummer was closest looking to the 'real' band.
BJORN AGAIN  <1> Aberdeen Capitol
£12.00 Highlight of the evening for me - confusing for most of the others - was when they decided to play something a little different - Black Sabbath's Paranoid. Excellent.
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