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The idea is to have a page for each concert eventually - when I find time to trawl trough the archives.
If anyone reading this was at any of these concerts and would like to jog my memory then feel free to contact me.

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The GODíS of GLAM  <1>
Aberdeen Music Hall
£7.00 The first 'tribute' band I ever went to see - when they were still called cover bands. They were very good though, seemed pretty authentic and provided a great evenings entertainment.
MARILLION  <13> Glasgow Barrowlands
£12.00 A very disappointing show - unlucky 13 I guess. This was the Brave tour and, in my opinion, the band were very brave (groan) to play the complete 70 odd minute album. That was the main set and was followed by half a dozen other tracks - none of which was a Fish era track. I wasn't worried about the latter - I was so bored by that point. It took me a long time (3 1/2 years) to risk venturing to another Marillion show.
Tori AMOS  <1> Glasgow Pavillion Theatre
£8.00 .
MAGNUM  <12> Glasgow Pavillion Theatre 
£9.50 .
The Sensational Alex HARVEY Band  <1>
???S PRAYER  <1>
Elgin Lido Club
£ Eighty minutes of pounding riffs from Zal and throbbing bass care of Chris Glenn - and all in little old Elgin.
Aberdeen Lemon Tree
£5.00 .
WHITESNAKE Edinburgh Playhouse
£15.00 .
SKIN  <1> Aberdeen Lemon Tree
£6.50 .
MAGNUM  <13>
LITTLE EGYPT (band details & site)  <1>
Glasgow Garage
£8.50 Almost an hour and three quarters of Magnum - the last show I saw before they called it a day. Early in 2002 they reformed and played a much shorter set. Bob didn't sweat as much either.
The AUSTRALIAN DOORS SHOW  <1> Aberdeen Beach Ballroom

More covers and a complete surprise to my girlfriend who was a fan of the original band. Right up to walking in the door she had no idea what I was taking her to. Probably the best surprise I gave her. The crowd were a wild buch of pissed up students and keeping a position near the front of the stage eventually proved impossible. I escaped unscathed but the other half had her dress ripped so the night wasn't a perfect success.


PINK FLOYD  <1> London Earls Court
£22.50 .
HELLOWEEN  <3> London Marquee Club
£6.50 Aan hour and three quarters of Helloween music on Halloween itself. I don't have any photos from the gig as security tookmy camera off me on the way in. Bruce Dickinson was in audience and when I pointed him out after the show to my girfriend she insisted on having her photo taken next to him. Muggins had to go out, collect the camera, then fight my way back along a narrow corridor against the flow of bodies just so she could bend her knees so as not to tower over Bruce. Wummen!.
The Sensational Alex HARVEY Band  <2> Elgin Lido Club
£ .
The Sensational Alex HARVEY Band  <3> Aberdeen Lemon Tree
£ .
SKIN  <2>
Aberdeen Lemon Tree
£7.00 Eighty minutes of power pop. Skin were always entertaining and being right up the front in such a small venue, crushed with the mass of people from behind, just added to the experience.
WOLFSTONE  <8> Aberdeen Music Hall
£9.00 track list misses last encore (1 track)
Glasgow The Plaza
£10.00 The Stand Up And Be Counted Tour.
Back to smaller clubs but I managed to get right up the front and have some good photos from the show somewhere. Again the third date of the tour.
WOLFSTONE  <9> Forres Town Hall
£7.00 .
The Sensational Alex HARVEY Band  <4> Turriff Rock Mecca, Union Hotel
£ Just under an hour and a quarter tonight, shortest set I'd seen the band perform. It still rocked though and there is a video around of it that Inever did get a hold of.
The Sensational Alex HARVEY Band  <5> Glasgow The Arena
£6.00 .
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