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Dalmore House Garden Party, Alness by Inverness
9 September 2000
A review by my wee sister, Elaine.

Wolfstone Dalmore House Garden Party, Alness by Inverness

Saturday 9th September 2000

This event, in aid of converting Dalmore House into a centre for people with cerebral palsy to holiday in was held in the open air from noon till 11.30pm. Wolfstone were on at 8.30pm (ish), with the extra-special effect of midges sparkling in the spotlights. 

Stevie, a music reviewer (for Moray Firth Radio I think) with cerebral palsy was proud to present the band. They were on form (the band, not the midges) after a slightly nervous start - possibly as it was local turf, and there was definitely a smaller-than-expected crowd. The rain of the previous few days and the lure of nearby pubs had had their effect. However, it stayed dry and as the band warmed up, so the dancing started on the soft grass, and the crowd grew and warmed up still more.

Stuart Eaglesham's voice was in much better form than at the previous gig - recorded for their forthcoming album in the Lemon Tree in Aberdeen. The sound system was also of very good quality in the outdoors, and no guitar strings broke or required re-tuning, as again happened in Aberdeen in July.

Stuart's brother, Struan made a guest appearance for the rendition of 'Black Dog', released from family duties for the night, as the event was near home. He was obviously enjoying himself, complete with tambourine!!  The moon was shining low and bright through a thin veil of cloud, perfect to HOWL to!!!!!!!

The boys have had a minor makeover - Duncan no longer wearing his (as describe it) black undertaker's jacket, but rather a black padded gilet, and Stuart in baggy stone coloured 'trendy trews'. He was still sporting the black baseball cap - but I think it was now Nike rather than Oakley - a new sponsorship deal?? 

There was no keyboard player this time - not even Duncan, unlike at Aberdeen where he performed his stage debut (but so short most of the audience missed it - oops!! - and didn't applaud enough??) so he was perhaps not encouraged to repeat the experience

Wayne kept the beat going enthusiastically, and joined in with his B vocals, but wasn't leaping around the stage too much. Stevie piped and whistled brilliantly as ever, and Tony completed the line-up, hidden behind his drums on a podium.

As ever, a sad moment when the music had to end, and alas no encore as they had to leave pretty sharp to make way for Martyn Bennett, the final artist of the Garden Party.


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