John Dexter Jones welcomes you to  my Jump pages - with the possibility of trouble if you don't read on!I first discovered Jump supporting Pallas (a band known to me for years) at their second Classic Rock Society show (1999's Spring Progfest on 15 May in Rotherham).  Previous to the show all I'd heard about Jump was that they were very Marillion inspired.  I'd heard nothing (to my knowledge) by them. It was thus a pleasant - and exteremely unusual - experience to fall in love with a band and their music on first hearing.

In fact I had possibly come into contact with their music briefly once before, when they supported Fish at the London Shepherd's Bush Empire on the Sunset's on Empire tour.  I arrived just as the support finished so had 
a) no idea who they were and

b) no idea what they sounded like.

I picked up a leaflet after the Rotherham show with a web and email address for the band and checked them out soon after.  It turned out that they are based less than 30 miles from me, in and around High Wycombe.  They also play Reading several times a year - the first time just a few weeks after that first experience. Finding the website was a problem at first - the address being case sensitive.  I couldn't connect so mailed them at the email address.  I had a reply from Steve (half of the guitar team) within 10 minutes with the correct address. I'd worked out the case sensitivity by that time myself but the speed of reply impresssed me. In the end I didn't make that first Reading show (migrane got in the way) buy I have caught them many times since.  They're friendly folk and if you like good, twin guitared, rock music you should try them out.

Below is a list of Jump shows I've attended which I hope to eventually feature in reviews on the site (linked ones are ready now):
15 may 1999 Rotherham Oakwood Centre Spring ProgFest

18 Sep 1999  Reading, Beethovens, Tilehurst

24 Sep 1999  Hungerford Railway Inn

09 Oct 1999  High Wycombe, Nag’s Head

13 Nov 1999  Reading, Beethovens, Tilehurst

27 Nov 1999  High Wycombe, Nag’s Head

18 Dec 1999  (Storm-In-the-Wall ...a farewell to the Millenium) Lacey Green Millenium Hall, nr. Princess Risborough  £5

04 Mar 2000  Reading Beethovens (Admission £2)

10 Mar 2000  Hungerford Railway Inn

18 Mar2000   Lacey Green Millenium Hall, 

07 Apr 2000   Leighton Buzzard, The Wheatsheaf 

15 Apr 2000   Reading Beethovens, Tilehurst (Admission £2)

13 May 2000  Milton Keynes, Zaks  (Matthew supported - Admission £3)

27 May 2000  London, Putney Half Moon 

10 Jun 2000   Reading, Beethovens, Tilehurst (Matthew supported - Admission £2)

24 Jun 2000   Horses Head Soup Festival V, High Wycombe, Lacey Green Millenium Hall 

16 Sep 2000  Reading, Tilehurst  Beethovens (Admission £2)

22 Sep 2000  Swindon, The Queen's Tap

27 Sep 2000  London Astoria 2 (supporting ARENA)

30 Sep 2000  Stokenchurch, Bucks Memorial Hall 

13 Oct 2000  Leighton Buzzard Wheatsheaf

20 Oct 2000  Newbury,  King Charles Tavern

11 Nov 2000  Reading, Tilehurst  Beethoven's  (Admission £2)

18 Nov 2000  Stokenchurch, Bucks Memorial Hall   (first & lasts set)

03 Mar 2001  Reading Beethoven's, Tilehurst (Admission £2)

17 Mar 2001  Stokenchurch Memorial Hall, Bucks (acoustic CADRE as support)

23 Mar 2001  Newbury, King Charles Tavern

24 Mar 2001  Milton Keynes, Zaks (£3)

12 Apr 2001  Salisbury The Cloisters

11 May 2001 Bracknell Boot 

18 May 2001 Aylesbury Limelight Theatre (£7) (being filmed for potential video release)

26 May 2001 Swansea Uplands Tavern (a review by Judith Mitchell of a rather different Jump show, part acoustic, part electric)

08 Jun 2001  Leighton Buzzard The Wheatsheaf

09 Jun 2001  Reading Roebuck Tavern (£2)
23 Jun 2001 Horses Head Soup Festival Lacey Green Millenium Hall
05 Aug 2001 Whitchurch Festival (£10 - supporting Pink Floyd cover act Perfect Alibi)
11 Aug 2001 Le De Spencer Arms, Downley Common (Pete & John Acoustic Show)
07 Sep 2001 Aylesbury Limelight Theatre
15 Sep 2001 Reading, Tilehurst Roebuck Hotel (formerly Beethoven's)
27 Sep 2001 Salisbury The Cloisters
10 Nov 2001 Reading, Tilehurst Roebuck Hotel
23 Nov 2001 Leighton Buzzard The Wheatsheaf
29 Nov 2001 Salisbury The Cloisters
01 Dec 2001 'JUMP Xmas Bash' Lacey Green Cricket Pavillion
23 Mar 2002 Aylesbury Limelight Theatre

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