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PALLAS - The Sentinel Rides again

Pallas gig reviews
Aberdeen Fusion  26/05/83 - John Stout
Aberdeen Ritzy  1/11/84
Aberdeen Ritzy 12/05/85
Aberdeen Ritzy 21/10/85
Aberdeen Capitol 21/11/85
London Marquee Club 22/02/86
Aberdeen Music Hall 28/05/86
Aberdeen Music Hall 6/10/86
Aberdeen Ritzy  23/12/86
Kinghorn Cuinzie Neuke 10/10/87
Aberdeen Music Hall 16/10/87
Glasgow Mayfair 6/11/87
Glasgow Mayfair 12/06/88
Aberdeen Ritzy 14/06/88
Aberdeen Lemon Tree 30/05/93
Rotherham 07/11/98
Aberdeen Lemon Tree 5/05/99
Rotherham 15/05/99

Pallas are not particularly well served by fan pages on the Web so hopefully this page will help alter this. 

Pallas were one of the first bands I saw and at one point were the band I'd seen most live. As they broke up towards the end of 1988 this didn't last long and even after reforming briefly in 1993 and again in 1997 they lag well behind some of the other acts featured on this site. Despite all that I still hold the band dear and hopefully the following reviews will help you to understand why.

I'd like to add more reviews to these pages - especially from earlier in the bands career - and also from venues other than Aberdeen. If you can provide any details, no matter how meagre, I'd be happy to add them to the archive.

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