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Here are the CD's which Jump have released so far.  They are all available, from them, at LIGHTBOX PROMOTIONS (Dept W) PO Box 65  Princes Risborough  Bucks  HP27 0TL UK
Check their website for current prices.
The Winds of Change
1991 Salad Records SAL 505
The Lightbox
A Picture in Gold
Don't Let Them Tell You (That You're Old)
The Mystic
A New World
Shelter Me
The Freedom Train
Working for a Living
You Will Be Queen
Johnny and the Lightning
The Winds of Change
World of Wonder
1993 Salad Records SAL 5052
A Northern Man
Mr. Jones
World of Wonder
Louder than Words
Gryphon's Galliard
Poison in the Sea
Four Winds Blow
Where Silver Calls
Whip-Hand Jack
Out of Stock - Pending Repress

Still no details on when this will be rereleased - though with the disc below due soon it can only be a matter of time.

....And All The King's Men
1994 Salad Records SAL 5053
All the King's Horses
Seize the Day
George's Revolution
Camera City
Shed No Tears
Share the Shame
Two Up, Two Down
Judgement Day
Dangerous Devotions
Another False Dawn
Someone Else's Prayer - part 1
Someone Else's Prayer - part 2
Out of Stock - Pending Repress

The disc was due for release at the Horses Head Soup Festival in June 2000 - but has now been put back to September 2000 and Storm in the Barn!

The Myth of Independence
1995 Cyclops Records CYCL027
Tower of Babel
Princess of the People
On the Wheel
Heaven & Earth
Keep the Blues
Blind Birds
The Shallow Man
On my Side
Living in a Promised Land
1998 Cyclops Records CYCL062
The Man Who Worked
Dreaming of Angels
The Pressed Man
December's Moon
Promised Land Blues
April Day
No Time to Kill
True to You
My Magic Touch
Used to the Taste
The Freedom Train
1999 Cyclops Records CYCL081
A Nation of Friends
The Lightbox
Poison in the Sea
Personal Revolution
Alone Ahead
The Pressed Man
Shed No Tears
On My Side
The Freedom Train
Used To the Taste
Judgement Day
Keep the Blues
The three hour show (recorded by the MARS Mobile Studio) at High Wycombe's Nag's Head on 21st November 1998 included a selection of material which tracing JUMP's ten year and 600 gig history.
There are no overdubs, nobody's technical blushes are spared and track selection was made with a view to dynamics and historical reference rather than performance perfection!
                It is worth noting, finally, that the album is not just a composite of work already appearing on studio albums. As well as "Alone Ahead" (too new to be on a studio album) there are also a couple of landmark tracks which never escaped the live arena for various reasons. They too have their place on The Freedom Train.
The Cyclops Sampler IV (?)
May 2000 Cyclops Records (2 CD) CYCL 090
Contains one live track (I think from the Freedom Train show that IS NOT ON the Freedom Train CD).
7. Jump - Where Silver Calls   (6:04)

2000 Cyclops Records CYCL 089
It's Your Life
Moscow Circus
Everybody stop
The Highwayman
Alone Ahead
Nine Sisters
Tongue Tied
Paradise Mislaid
The Nearly Ended World

Check the official Jump site for prices and up to date information.  By post they can be contacted at:
LIGHTBOX PROMOTIONS (Dept W) PO Box 65  Princes Risborough  Bucks  HP27 0TL UK
This is a set of pages dedicated to a relatively new band to me, Jump.

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