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I have only seen Galahad a few times, many fewer than some bands covered on these pages. I guess there are two reasons for this. firstly, I used to live a good 600+ miles from their home base and so they were a little out of range. Secondly, since moving down to the South of England the band have played only a handful of shows.

My first encounter was by chance:

16 Jul 1993 Whitchurch Musicians Convention 1993, Whitchurch Parish Hall

I'd been on a work training course in Reading and this festival was only slightly out of my way on the long drive home. Pallas were headlining the following evening but I was already booked into a Star Trek convention in Glasgow so had to settle for the first night and an overnight drive north.

Bournemouth Mr Smiths 6 Mar 1999

My first trip to Mr Smiths and a packed crowd.

Bournemouth Mr Smiths 2 Dec 2000

Back to Bournemouth for another Galahad show. On release for the first time was 'Crimes and Misdemeanours III' which contained the first 3 tracks I ever heard by the band - the BBC FRS session. A must have item. The show featured roughly half of what is destined to become the next Galahad CD as well as classics from previous albums.

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