My MAGNUM memories

My first experience of Magnum was brief, the loan of a copy of the 'Chase the Dragon' album. At the time (sometime in 1983 I think) the album made little impact on me despite featuring a clutch of classic tunes such as 'Soldier Of The Line', 'The Spirit' and 'Sacred Hour'. Moving on a couple of years and Magnum really began to progress both musically and in popularity with the release of the single 'Just Like an Arrow' and the album from which it came, 'On a Storyteller's Night'. The single was played on the radio and a mate played me the albums and I liked it so much I travelled the 120 miles to Edinburgh for my first live Magnum experience. I enjoyed the show hugely and went back to most of the tours that made it as far North as Scotland, plus a couple that didn't.

Below is a list (smaller than I thought) of the shows I saw. With a bit of luck I'll eventually get a few memories / setlists / tickets / photos etc. together for at least a couple of the show. For the moment I'll just review the shows from the reunion tour that I get to and maybe the bands that Bob and Tony were involved in between bouts of Magnum activity, HArd Rain and the solo Catley show.

04/12/85 MAGNUM <1> / IQ / The ALLIANCE Edinburgh Playhouse
28/06/86 MARILLION / Gary MOORE / JETHRO TULL / MAGNUM <2> / MAMA'S BOYS 'Welcome to the Garden Party' Milton Keynes Bowl
05/10/86 MAGNUM <3> / FM Edinburgh Playhouse
09/03/87 MAGNUM <4> Newcastle City Hall
15/03/88 MAGNUM <5> Edinburgh Playhouse
13/12/88 MAGNUM <6> / STAGE DOLLS Glasgow Barrowlands
14/12/88 MAGNUM <7> / STAGE DOLLS Edinburgh Playhouse
13/07/90 MAGNUM <-> Workington Derwent Park Cumbria Rock Festival (soundcheck)
14/07/90 MAGNUM <8> / SAXON / The DOGS D’AMOUR / WOLFSBANE / ROMEO’S DAUGHTER Cumbria Rock Festival Workington Derwent Park
14/09/90 MAGNUM <9> / DIRTY WHITE BOY <1> Edinburgh Playhouse
20/09/91 MAGNUM <10> / KISS OF THE GYPSY <1> Glasgow Barrowlands Ballroom
18/07/93 JETHRO TULL / MAGNUM <11> / FISH / Sensational Party Boys Tarlair Music Festival, Macduff
09/04/94 MAGNUM <12> Glasgow Pavillion Theatre
22/08/94 MAGNUM <13> / LITTLE EGYPT <1> Glasgow Garage
28/04/99 HARD RAIN <1> / KICK Reading Alleycat
08/04/00 Bob CATLEY <1> Monroes, Workington 8/04/00 £2 after 8pm
First time seeing Bob solo. His support act became his backing band. The solo material was a little ponderous in places but things picked up for the Magnum numbers towards the end of the set.

02/03/02 MAGNUM <14> / TYLA <1> Newport TJ's
03/03/02 MAGNUM <--> / TYLA <-> Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms
??/??/04 MAGNUM <15> / John Young <->London Astoria
??/??/05 MAGNUM <16> (no support - just DVD recording) London Astoria
14/11/07 MAGNUM <17> (no support - just live album recording) Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms

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