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More reviews appear linked from this page every so often...

In Association with Amazon.co.uk If you enjoy these images and are in the habit of making purchases at Amazon then maybe you could use the link to the left to reach Amazon in future. It won't cost you anything but I will gain a very small commission which I intend investing in some proper webspace so I can upload more photos.

Here you will find details of site updates, most recent at the top:

23 Jun 2005 - New: More Knebworth memories of the bands on the bill care of a Scottish friend, Brian. Updated images in the DP review.
22 Jun 2005 - New: It was twenty years today that I went to my first outdoor music festival to see the reformed Deep Purple. Read all about the festival background, the day before when Ian Gillan wandered round the campsite with a BBC radio crew and my memories of the Deep Purple set.
25 Apr 2005 - New: A Magnum page of photos from their On A Storytellers Night 20th Anniversary DVD recording at the London Astoria.
24 Apr 2005 - I was reminded by a few Jump fans that I'd not updated this site in quite a while and people wondered what had happened to me. I guess a mix of moving job, working away from home during the week and therefore not having time or enthusiasm to go to many gigs all conspired against much happening here. Now I hope at least to start updating a few pages and adding some photos, if not reviews, of gigs old and new.

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