The Company of Snakes are half of what was the 'classic' Whitesnake lineup (Bernie Marsden, Micky Moody and Neil Murray) supported by Don Airey on keyboards, Robert Hart on vocals (ex-Bad Company, hence the 'Company') with a couple of drummers, depending on who happens to be free at the time.

Bernie Marsden & Micky Moody r sunburst guitarsRUSAs I write this it appears that Robert Hart has bowed out of the band to concentrate on writing his own material. More details from the Snakes Pages . The new vocalist is Stefan Berggren - also a member of Snakes in Paradise. Is there some connection?

These are the dates I've seen (links to finished reviews): 

09 Apr 1999 Dingwall Harry's Bar 
10 Apr 1999 Insch (near Aberdeen) Premnay Hotel £10
16 Oct 1999 London Astoria 2 (reviewed in Classic Rock magazine)
25 Mar 2000 Chiddingfold, Chiddingfold Hall  £10
16 Jun 2000 Tony Ashton Testimonial Concert : London Abbey Road studio's £30
20 Jun 2000 (supporting LYNYRD SKYNYRD) London Hammersmith Apollo £25
17 Jun 2001 Southampton The Brook £?
22 Mar 2002 Southampton The Brook £12.50

05 Oct 2002 Chiddingfold Club £15.00

Bernie and Micky also perform shows as the Moody Marsden band and I hope to have a page or two about those shows sometime.

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