GREENSLADE are a band I have only listened to since John Young joined the band in mid 2000.

In the days of my youth (a few years ago now) in my early record buying days I remember coming across Greenslade albums a lot - they always seemed to be mixed in with the Gillan albums I was looking for and buying! ;o) I never did buy one - a Greenslade album that is - despite the interesting covers. The music was an unknown though I expect a guess at progressive rock (from the covers) would not have been too far from the truth. I was busy collecting the Deep Purple and split band albums at that time (and I mean albums in the old fashioned sense here - good old 12" vinyl) and thus had little spare cash in the early 1980's. By the time my collection was anywhere near complete vinyl had given way to CD and I started all over again though Greenslade seemed not to feature in the CD racks. In fact I only found Greenslade CDs in the HMV sale late last year - snapping up all four discs for £19.96. Not bad value really though I have to admit I found some of the music hard to keep an interest in.

2000 saw a new studio CD being recorded, Large Afternoon, with the aforementioned John Young replacing original vocalist and second keyboard player Dave Lawson. (Dave, it should be noted, has a Deep Purple connection - he used to play in Episode Six the band that introduced Gillan and Glover to each other.) The reformed band also reunited original members Dave Greenslade (keyboards) and Tony Reeves (bass) though drummer Andrew McCullough was otherwise engaged so producer Chris Couzens filled the drum stool for the album.

With an album to promote a tour was arranged - five dates around the southern half of England. I made it to the first two shows, the third I would have gone along to coinciding with another show.

22 Nov 2000 Wavendon Stables
24 Nov 2000 London Astoria 2

I arrived late for the first of these, having only decided to go rather late in the work day. I missed the first few tracks but enjoyed the newer material. The older songs still didn't really work for me despite being overhauled for the new Milennium and modern keyboards. By the Astoria show I was getting a little more into the older music and I guess the band had gelled a little more after a couple of shows.

Two of the first batch of shows were rescheduled for February 2001 (Croydon and Rotherham) due to clashes with the Fish tour -JY had also joined the tall Scotsman ofor his comeback album. Extra shows were added to make another tour and this time I made it along to three of them:

07 Feb 2001 Crewe Limelight Club
10 Feb 2001 Rotherham Herringthorpe Leisure Centre
11 Feb 2001 Liscombe Park.



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