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Hagar disguised as meHere are some recent photos I've taken at gigs. Much of this initial content will disappear when I get some time to sort through the images and add older photos. You can find some of my older photos (and reviews if live concerts) on my my other site, Rock Reviews. It hasn't been updated in a couple of years.

This relatively basic photo album site was created very quickly by using a free but fairly unknown Microsoft Windows XP Powertoy. If the basic style suits your requirements download it yourself.

Below are links to the various sets of photos on the site at the moment. They are all in slideshow format so should, with a decent internet connection, change every few seconds. You can also scroll through at your own speed by clicking on the photo (forward) or forward/back using the blue buttons. The green play button will start the slideshow. To close the full screen slideshow click on the red button.:

Falkland Islands - Sealion Island film 04 - Oct 1996
Lawton Dunning Band - London Mean Fiddler - 7 Nov 2003
John Wetton Band - London Mean Fiddler - 7 Nov 2003
Wetton & Downes - London Mean Fiddler - 3 Mar 2006
Aisle 22 & Diane Fox birthday bash - Reading Plug & Play - 10 Mar 2006
Pallas - Rotherham Oakwood Centre - 18 Mar 2006

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